Reiki Healing                                                                        


A spiritual experience that supports the natural healing process. Intuitive healing enables us to work on the sub-consciousness level to release the day to day pressures and be reconnected with your true (higher) self.

Emotional imbalances can be a result of old patterning in the mind that may come from past experiences or trauma. Upon identifying and releasing them calmness and balance is restored. Be stimulated with your own body’s healing power and open chakras to find that inner balance and re-connection again.

Intuitive healings can be one or a combination of:

Reiki energy healings – connection with the natural universal flow of life

Sound healing – using mantra, singing bowls & angelic sounds

Crystal healing – placing specific crustal grids on and around the body

Body intuitive healing – receive messages and guidance to support health and vitality

Lying on a massage table surrounded by an individually selected Intuitive Crystal Grid enjoying ambient music, your practitioner will draw on the Universal Energies to create a state of peacefulness. Many clients relax into a meditative or dream state and leave the session with a feeling of lightness and wellbeing.



Consultation $95




"Oh you dear beautiful women, how thankful i am our paths crossed. You do a lovely job of healing and spreading guidance to those around you. I really feel you reflected back at me a lot i needed to see, and gave me a sisterly push towards a new place in life. I feel like i am heading in a place of peace and with gratitude rather then running away from something. I am really excited about whats to come."

Allie, Landsborough

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