Food and Mineral Testing 


Bio-compatibility Hair Testing

Here’s how our hair analysis and Bio-Compatibility programme works

Firstly it’s important to note that our hair analysis test is VERY different from common hair mineral analysis testing and skin prick blood testing.

Bio-Compatibility  hair testing is a 30 year old company involved in extensive research into perfecting electronic equipment that enables to test a person’s hair, clearly giving a breakdown of Compatibility with food and household products. The analysis can determine what food type and products to avoid and highlights the underlying sensitivities in our system.

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Diagnostic Muscle Testing

Diagnostic Muscle Testing

Is a practice that uses the technique of muscle testing to identify allergies, their root causes and potential treatments.


What is Diagnostic Muscle Testing?

It is a form of Kinesiology that blends the technique of muscle testing with principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assess body function and energy, as well establishing what is needed for the body to heal by identifying structural, chemical, energetic and emotional imbalances in the body.

Our Naturopath uses muscle testing as a natural biofeedback system by monitoring an indicator muscle that gives information via nerve pathways and the body/ brains meridian system. Through this, diagnostic muscle testing is able to sidestep conscious thinking patterns to pinpoint contributing factors to allergies on subconscious, etheric and physical body levels. The body is then able to clear itself of any unblocked energy that may be causing the allergies, and heal at its own pace.

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Daniel Moodie, 2014

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