Divine Source Enhancement Healing

This relaxing healing modality sees the client totally relaxed on a healing table soothed by celestial music.

Through the subtle use of natural energy the clients experience shifts in the misguided thoughts and emotions resulting in release of blocked energies from their systems.

This healing treatment is particularly useful for clients with depression, addiction or for those recovering from a loss. 

Clients all report to feeling lighter in the body and enjoy a sense of peace and well being.

Cost $85 per session 

Memories of childhood violence have haunted me for years. I have been uncomfortable in the presence of father figures and many men throughout my life as it would send my inner child packing her bags and running to feel safe.

After meeting Craig and immediately feeling trust for him I booked a divine source healing. The procedure was almost like a detox, not realising how much I was holding on to and what was buried deep. Afterwards I felt fragile, but renewed. 3 days later I felt an absolute shift into entire being, lighter, brighter, awake and light. I have recently been in company with a very domineering male and similar traits to my step father. I felt no fear, I felt saw in myself, strong in my core and unattached from his behaviour. I feel I am the strong woman I believed I was from my very core to the putter me. The scared little girl is all ok and she is safe with me.

Thank you

Kate Fitzpatrick



"You gotta see this health food store, has a bit of everything and I wont spoil the experience for you by telling to much more, but Leanda who i met has a fantastic knowledge of nutrition and herbal medicines, I will be back the aura in this place itself made me feel good."

Simon Casserly

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