Naturopathic Body Work Therapy

The term body work refers to a group of body-based approaches to treatment with emphasise on manipulation and realignment of the body's structure in order to improve its function as well as the client's mental outlook.

The Therapy consists of a variety of modalities that include but not restricted to:

  • deep-tissue bodywork
  • acupressure
  • reflexology
  • physiotherapy resistant movements
  • cranio-sacral therapy
  • bowen
  • gentle massage 

The combination of these modalities allows for a personalised treatment for each individual by giving the body exactly what it needs to reach optimal health. For example working on particular trigger points for releasing tight muscles and stagnation in connective tissue, soft adjustments or postural correction for ailments combined with breath work, visualisation and emotional release techniques to support the emotional needs of a client.


Who can benefit from Body Work Therapy?


  • Suitable for any age and mobility level
  • If you are suffering chronic pain or past injury
  • If you are wanting a good stretch and need alignment
  • If you struggle with flexibility or feel stiff in your joints
  • If you are looking for something new to try
  • If you are not having progress with your current body therapy

The aim of Body Work Therapy is to get results that last.

The therapist may recommend 1-3 treatments in a shorter time rather than regular treatments over a long period.

Body Work Therapy can be the answer in finding relief and direction for your body’s optimal posture and alignment.




 Initial $120     duration 75-90 minutes 

Includes initial consultation and treatment


 Following treatments   $95  Duration 60 minutes 






"Oh you dear beautiful women, how thankful i am our paths crossed. You do a lovely job of healing and spreading guidance to those around you. I really feel you reflected back at me a lot i needed to see, and gave me a sisterly push towards a new place in life. I feel like i am heading in a place of peace and with gratitude rather then running away from something. I am really excited about whats to come."

Allie, Landsborough

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