Nourishing Body Oil Wrap

This holistic body oil wrap is designed to offer therapeutic benefits to the whole body. Using the magical power of pure herbal extracts, 100% essential oils and 100% natural cotton this relaxing treatment is sure to leave you feeling complete.

What happens in the session?

After a short consultation to understand your body’s constitution and needs, a special combination of natural ingredients are prescribed for your nourishing body oil wrap. 

The treatment begins with a therapeutic body palming to prepare the body for a warm blend of customised oil that is then rhythmically smoothed into the skin. Then wrapped in natural 100% cotton to bring warmth and allow time for the oil to be infused into the skin, followed by a meditative massage of the face and scalp to bring deep relaxation.

Nourishing Oil Body Wrap can be beneficial for:

  • Sliming and Toning the Body
  • Hydration of the Skin
  • Firming the Skin
  • Relaxation and Tension Release of Muscles
  • Skin Complaints
  • Supporting Circulation in the Body
  • Detox and Cleansing by flushing Toxins
  • Relief of Joint and Body Aches
  • Reduce Inflammation

Treatment sessions are 60 mins

Cost $85



"It so wonderful to be able to talk with people that can understand my journey. After seeing Leanda in clinic for my Diverticulitis in March it changed my world. I'm am now not only pain free but happy and healthier. Having guidance with my dietary needs and great conversation on creating happiness in my life i can truly say that i'm grateful.Also grateful for not having a whole in my wallet when needing supplements as your prices are extremely reasonable and Leanda's time is worth every cent. "

Leonie, Beerwah

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