Nourishing Body Oil Wrap

This holistic body oil wrap is designed to offer therapeutic benefits to the whole body. Using the magical power of pure herbal extracts, 100% essential oils and 100% natural cotton this relaxing treatment is sure to leave you feeling complete.

What happens in the session?

After a short consultation to understand your body’s constitution and needs, a special combination of natural ingredients are prescribed for your nourishing body oil wrap. 

The treatment begins with a therapeutic body palming to prepare the body for a warm blend of customised oil that is then rhythmically smoothed into the skin. Then wrapped in natural 100% cotton to bring warmth and allow time for the oil to be infused into the skin, followed by a meditative massage of the face and scalp to bring deep relaxation.

Nourishing Oil Body Wrap can be beneficial for:

  • Sliming and Toning the Body
  • Hydration of the Skin
  • Firming the Skin
  • Relaxation and Tension Release of Muscles
  • Skin Complaints
  • Supporting Circulation in the Body
  • Detox and Cleansing by flushing Toxins
  • Relief of Joint and Body Aches
  • Reduce Inflammation

Treatment sessions are 60 mins

Cost $85



"After more than 35 Years of emotional and physical heartache which has manifested into years of ill health, I can finally say I AM FREE.. WOW!! Even writing that makes me smile. Obviously I still need medical treatment, but to have that clarity is so over whelming. I am crying with joy now not sadness and frustration."

Donna, 2013

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