Vision Guidance


Your goals are easy to find with a second pair of eyes!

Many issues in life, stress, depression, job & relationship issues have been resolved through clients working the Vision Guide program, as it is unique for every client.

Each program is intuitively tailored for the client using:

  • Psychic card reading
  • Numerology
  • Astrological birth factors
  • Meditation


By working to an individual intentional plan and awakening their higher self, client’s are amazed at their own personal transformation.

Initial Session - $72 

Follow up Session - $45


"Oh you dear beautiful women, how thankful i am our paths crossed. You do a lovely job of healing and spreading guidance to those around you. I really feel you reflected back at me a lot i needed to see, and gave me a sisterly push towards a new place in life. I feel like i am heading in a place of peace and with gratitude rather then running away from something. I am really excited about whats to come."

Allie, Landsborough

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