Psychic Readings

Karina conducts her psychic readings by attuning energetically into her client's auric field or energetic field center which contains specific information to help her clients.

The reading will consist of past, present and future information and is designed to guide, heal and empower her clients to bring a sense of clarity within your life.

Karina may tap into the blockages within your aura that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Karina's aim is to inspire and empower her clients through her readings.

Life Coaching and Mentoring

We have all been there before at some stage in our life, where we have simply lost ourselves in the midst of a major crisis in our life, and sometimes we are to close to the situation that we cannot see the trees for the forest.

l help clients find their true core being of who they really are and their purpose in life and help them believe in themselves.

Issues don't own us, though rather we own our own issues with our thought patterns. We make them bigger than they really are through our state of mind.

Let's face it, we have all had moments in our lives where our thought pattern has not been in a great place due to our life experiences and sometimes we need to ask for guidance.

My job is to help my clients have a different perspective on life, open up their awareness and take charge of their life.

I help them replace fear, negative patterns, and old habits into inspiring and empowering them to thrive and blossom into the amazing souls they already are.

When my clients have become the person they are meant to be, full of joy, empowered, then that makes me feel joyful too.


Spiritual Guidance

Karina has been alongside life coaching guru's and spiritual ministers over most of her life and has helped clients find direction and self-worth to become empowered for a better quality of life.

If you have questions about your life and spirit and want someone you can talk to about your journey and experiences and support to assist you on your spiritual journey Karina can assist you in every area.

Life, Spirit, and Spirituality are the main topics covered during this session, tools, and advice to support you on your journey are given.

Qigong Healing

Karina's healing technique as a Qigong practitioner is strictly universal and is designed to heal all blockages and imbalances causing illness and disease in the mind and body

Karina does not claim to heal illness or disease with Qigong, this technique is to release the blockages that cause the illness and disease and should not replace conventional medicine.

I have had the utmost amazing experiences through witnessing my clients being healed with Qigong for general wellbeing.

One client l remember, had a large lump on the top of his stomach the size of a grapefruit and by the end of the session the lump dropped in size to a five cent piece. After three sessions it was gone.

Another client who was pregnant came for a session after being at the doctors in pain. The healing practice was gentle and profound and successful. Both mum and bub were well.

Do try Qigong or general wellbeing for your mind body and soul.

Pet Wellbeing & Communication

Karina conducts pet communication sessions where she will tune into and communicate with the pet on arrival and discuss any pet concerns and inform pet owners the best option for their pets.

Karina notices a distinctive correlation between pets and their owners and at the same time, she is helping the pet owners too with their health by awareness of their pet's health.

Karina believes the pet's eyes speak a thousand words as the eyes will determine their pet's health along with the communication.

Karina doesn't claim to heal any pets, information given is only a guide and the owner is responsible for their own pet's health.



Appointments Available - 1st Saturday of Every Month




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Dalton Howden, 2014

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