Life Coaching & Spiritual Counselling

Sometimes we just need to talk. 

Counselling provides a focused way for clients to review, understand and sort out their problems. 
Talking about problems is an essential part of accepting them, coping with them, and moving on.

Today, with increased financial pressures and expectations as well as smaller family units many people find themselves virtually alone. 
Families have become isolated units and urban living has resulted in communities where people do not even know their neighbours. Environmental and social factors have made modern day living more stressful than ever and there are fewer and fewer releases available.

The result is that people are unable to express emotions on a daily level, they bottle up their feelings, causing stress and anxiety related symptoms and illnesses.

Supportive counselling offers the chance to release the emotions by talking to someone who will be compassionate and practical, and will above all listen.
Counselling is not new, though it has a new role as the pressures within society increase. It has been recognised as crucial in the treatment of many conditions including chronic medical problems, serious abuse, and long-term distress.

Good counselling is a gratifying experience for the client, leaving them feeling heard, maybe for the first time. The client finds that with increased self-knowledge and understanding that changes in perception and behaviour become possible.

Once the situation has become clear the client may then involve the setting of specific goals within a plan of action, to be implemented with support from the practitioner.
Alternatively it may be directed towards the long-term future towards achieving greater flexibility, resilience and strength, along with an improved repertoire of responses in relating to other people or the new situation which may occur. 

Counselling can be effective in helping people deal with decision-making, crisis, sudden overwhelming change and post-traumatic stress.


"I started yoga for the first time during my second pregnancy with Leanda and found it very rewarding.
I had a beautiful natural labour where I used breathing techniques that Leanda had taught me.
I found that during the whole experience I was more confident, calmer and felt a strong connection with my baby.
Leanda has always made me feel welcomed and is an extremely warm person that I highly recommend."

Rebecca, 2013

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