Intuitive Therapies

  • Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling 
  • Vision Guidance
  • Psychic Readings
  • Reiki Healing 
  • Divine Source Enhancement Healing


This is a non-invasive and very enjoyable experience that will allow you to be clear and calm. Release the day to day pressures be reconnected with yourself. Be stimulated with your own body’s healing power. Open charkas and find that balance in yourself again. A treatment that is a great way to release, forgive and love.

Consulting the Cards
For those needing guidance on a particular question, why not ask for a card reading.

Instructions on how to meditate or for those that wish enjoy a guided meditation using breath awareness, singing bowls and music.

Universal and Crystal Therapy
Lying on a masseuse bed surrounded by an intuitive Crystal grid enjoying ambient music, with individually selected crystals on the body your practitioner draws on the Universal energies to create a state of peacefulness.
Many clients relax into a meditative or dream state and finish the treatment with a feeling of lightness and well being.

Divine Source Enhancement Healing
This relaxing healing modality sees the client totally relaxed on a healing bed soothed by celestial music. Through the subtle use of natural energy the clients experience shifts in the misguided thoughts and emotions resulting in release of blocked energies from their systems. This healing treatment is particularly useful for clients with depression, addiction or for those recovering from a loss. Clients all report to feeling lighter in the body and enjoy a sense of peace and well being.



"Craig and Leanda from The Healthy Guru are a much needed addition to Beerwah and surrounding areas. They have a genuine desire to help their customers and this is backed up by a wealth of knowledge. I have been in for several treatments with Leanda and I can highly recommend you go and have a visit. Even purchased a "100K service" (as I affectionately call it) for my partner and his Mother and they are both now feeling the benefits. So grateful that they have come to our area!"

Tara Smithyman, 2014

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