Ellen Agius

Appointments Available Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays 


Ellen Agius is a qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Health Coach/Weight Management Coach and Founder of Helping Health.

She has worked many years in the health industry as a Registered Nurse and Midwife and became inspired to become a Nutritionist and Health Coach to support people with nutrition and wellness. She also suffered with Chronic Fatigue for years and was able to regain energy and health through nutrition and detoxification programs.

Ellen specialises in personalised health and nutrition for the individual so that they achieve the results they are looking for and make the health their lifestyle with her support. When you understand what your body requires to maintain health based on compatibility testing, your DNA and epi-genetics (environmental interferences, nutrition, toxicity effects on your cell wellbeing) you will start to understand what to eat and what to remove to improve your health, and enjoy a happier, healthier, more energetic life!

Ellen’s services include:

  • Nutritional Medicine Consultation
  • Clinical Health Testing (Body composition, Zinc testing, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Sats, Blood Glucose etc.)
  • DNA Health Testing
  • Epi-genetics Cell Wellbeing
  • Compatibility Testing (gives you customised information specific to your body needs)
  • Allergy Testing and Allergy Reset Programs
  • Weight Loss/ Body composition & Personalised Meal Plans
  • GEMM Protocol (Gut Health and Metabolism Program)
  • Sports Frequency (Improve Performance and Recovery)
  • ANF Therapy (Reduce Pain and Inflammation)


Initial Nutrition Consult - $120

Follow-Up Consult - $65

ANF Initial Consult (includes 5 discs) - $80

ANF Follow Up (Includes 3 discs) - $50

ANF Discs - $6

Cell Wellbeing Hair Test - $150

Oligo Scan Mineral/Heavy Metal Test - $120

Bio-Compatibility Test and Consult - $289

Body Composition Testing - $25




"A long awaited health food shop that services a wide range of organic gluten and wheat free products and Vitamins. It is great to get my favourite products locally."

Dalton Howden, 2014

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