Craig Harmer (Owner) 

Appointments available at Beerwah 

  • Kriya Yogi
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Pranayama Yoga Teacher
  • Divine Source Enhancement Healing
  • Psychic Reader
  • Reverend of The Church of United Spiritualism

Having experienced running successful businesses for over 20 years, Craig was excited to get the opportunity to bring Leanda's and his gifts together in a retail environment. It is a desire that the products and services they can source, together with the sharing of information through teachings of meditation and readings can benefit customers by taking away dis-ease in their minds and alleviating many of the physical illnesses and sufferings that are not necessary in their daily lives.

In 2006 Craig discovered the health benefits of meditation for mind, body and soul, having been like so many others with a busy mind.

Listening to that inner voice we all have, saw Craig enrol and study the art of mindfulness meditation with Tibetan Buddhist monks in Ashfield NSW.

In 2010 having studied various other forms of meditation, Craig began to share the teachings of meditation with others. His view was for them to experience the inner peace and calmness in day-to-day life that meditation had given him.

Craig teaches weekly group classes as well as one on ones.

A visit to India in 2011 introduced Craig to the practice of Pranayama Yoga commonly referred to as breath yoga. This ancient Yoga science is more correctly known as control of the life force by breath.

This daily practice offers the perfect way to enter into a deeper form of meditation for his clients. Whilst at the same time assisting them in the removal of many of the bodies diseases including irregular blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, anxiety and depression to name just a few.

November 2010, Craig was accredited in the natural therapy known as Divine Source Enhancement Healing the clarity of meditation and the control of energy through breath assist his clients perfectly in calming their conscious mind and allowing their sub conscious mind to be reset with healing via Divine Source.

For Craig as a spiritualist and psychic reader since 2010, it was a great honour to be ordained as a Reverend of The Church of United Spiritualism in 2015. Some may not understand how Reverend ship and Yogic practice go hand in hand. Craig’s passion for both gives the ability for him to receive messages from Divine for individuals seeking guidance from spirit. For those wishing to take the guidance and self realise their higher selves, his teaching of Meditation and Pranayama Yoga provide them with proven sciences on how to transform themselves. Thus taking away dis-ease in their minds and alleviating many of the physical illnesses or sufferings that are not necessary in their daily lives.



"Craig and Leanda from The Healthy Guru are a much needed addition to Beerwah and surrounding areas. They have a genuine desire to help their customers and this is backed up by a wealth of knowledge. I have been in for several treatments with Leanda and I can highly recommend you go and have a visit. Even purchased a "100K service" (as I affectionately call it) for my partner and his Mother and they are both now feeling the benefits. So grateful that they have come to our area!"

Tara Smithyman, 2014

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