Bronwyn Bossley


Appointments Available Thursdays also most other days via request


Body Stress Release Practitioner

Unlocking Tension – Releasing Self Healing

Bronwyn’s journey with Body Stress Release began after a personal experience with the therapy that relieved her significant back pain and decreased mobility. After being unable to find relief with other modalities Body Stress Release was suggested to her and after just one session Bronwyn had significant improvement and was completely healed of her ailment after 4 sessions.

When the opportunity for Bronwyn to study arose she decided to travel to South Africa and become a qualified Body Stress Release practitioner so she could share with others the benefits of this incredible therapy.

Stop the cycle of Stress naturally. We have your back covered by unlocking muscle tension. Body Stress Release technique restores normal functioning and stops the cycle of stress.
Improving Nerve communication plus restoring self healing. Releasing is rapid. If stress has been stored for a long time more releases may be required.



"A long awaited health food shop that services a wide range of organic gluten and wheat free products and Vitamins. It is great to get my favourite products locally."

Dalton Howden, 2014

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